Your Guide to Bed Coverings: Quilted Coverlet Patterns

The difference between everyday bedding that’s ordinary and extraordinary is the thoughtful layering of beautiful elements that create depth, texture, and complexity in the bedroom.

The coverlet is quite possibly the most overlooked, underrated element of well-made beds everywhere. A quilted coverlet adds texture to a bed, provides an all-weather layer to your bedding ensemble, keeps your bed looking tidy and simply completes the look of a luxury bed set. Just like your favorite set of pearls or the perfect cufflinks, the coverlet just ties it all together.

Home Treasures Coverlets

The coverlet holds a special place in our hearts at Home Treasures, as it’s where our story began, and still to this day, it serves as the cornerstone to our brand. The thin, quilted coverlets we make with pride from our endless array of fabrics and our wide variety of designs have been with us as we’ve grown over the years. Inspiration struck the Taghdisi family when quilted coverlets were presented to them over 35 years ago in Milan. They reminded them of the lightweight blankets they grew up with as children and decided to manufacture these pieces in the USA to embody a piece of their family heritage that they can share with you today.

Designing Your Perfect Coverlet

Because Home Treasures Linens specializes in customizable, bespoke pieces the choices you make in designing the perfect coverlet for your home can vary from the material, color, quilting pattern, and finishing border. With a library of over 50,000 designs (50 active in our line at any time) varying from traditional to contemporary styles, you’re sure to find the perfect pattern to complete your bespoke bedding ensemble.







Feminine Flair





Customizing Your Coverlet

Every one of our quilted coverlets can be fully customized in accordance with your exact specifications—a feat that would be impossible to achieve if we didn’t fully produce all our products in-house. When you place an order, our proprietary quilting machines get to work; then, one of our experienced, local seamstresses handcrafts each piece just for you. Finally, each piece is carefully inspected by our trained quality control team to ensure that no thread is left untrimmed or out of place. Once we have confirmed your product meets our luxury standards, it is ironed, packaged and shipped with care, directly to you.

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Home Treasures Bed Linens

Home Treasures was founded under the belief that your home is personal and every piece you introduce into it should be a reflection of your unique, individual style. At Home Treasures, the Coverlet holds a special place in our hearts. We invite you to design a coverlet that’s perfect for your aesthetic: choose from our hundreds of colors of sateens, percales, linens, silks, and modals then select your favorite quilting pattern from our library of 50+ designs.