Sleeping Sensibility: Silk

​​Silk is considered one of the most opulent fabrics due to its unmistakable sheen and ultra-luxe feel. For centuries silk has been revered as a fabric for royalty.

Let’s take a closer look at this luxurious fabric to uncover silk’s surprising health and beauty benefits. With a smooth, sumptuous feel, temperature-regulating abilities, hypoallergenic qualities, and surprising durability, silk could be what’s missing in your daily health and beauty regimen.

Silk's Origins

Made from fiber produced by silkworms for their cocoons, silk has captivated discerning sleepers for thousands of years. While the true origin of silk may be unknown, Chinese folklore weaves a tale of discovery in 27th-century China.

A silkworm’s cocoon landed in the teacup of the Emperor’s wife and after noting the fineness of the cocoon’s thread, she began to weave the fiber into fine silk garments. Silk would later become a valuable commodity for China allowing the economy to flourish through trade with western cultures along the aptly named Silk Road.

What is Momme in Silk?

Unlike cotton which is commonly measured in thread count, silk is measured in momme–a unit of weight in pounds. The higher the momme, the denser the silk will be. When you factor in that it can take up to 5,000 cocoons to produce one pound of silk, it’s easy to see why the momme affects the price and availability of silk products.

Similarly, just as Egyptian cotton is viewed as superior, in the world of silk, Mulberry reigns supreme as the fibers are smoother, stronger, and more uniformly colored than any other variety of silk.

Each of the Home Treasures silk collections is crafted with 100% pure 19 momme mulberry silk.

Silk’s Finest Qualities

Despite needing more thoughtful care, silk fibers are robust and durable. To put it in perspective, a single silk fiber is stronger than a steel fiber of the same diameter.

Additionally, silk’s natural fibers allow it to offer many attractive health, beauty, comfort, and design benefits.

  1. Skin Care Benefits. Silk sheeting not only helps with moisture retention for your skin, but it's also found to soothe sore skin from rash or sunburn.
  2. Healthy Hair Care. A silk pillowcase is notoriously effective in preventing tangles, reducing frizz and minimizing breakage, while advancing your hair’s natural moisture and shine.
  3. Reduced Allergens. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic which means you can say goodbye to dust mites and other common allergens found in many other bedding materials.
  4. Temperature-regulating. Unlike many fabrics that trap heat and moisture, silk allows your body heat to vent away while simultaneously wicking away moisture.
  5. All Natural. As a natural, unprocessed fiber, silk is a great choice for an organic lifestyle.
  6. Fire-resistance. Unlike synthetic fibers that can melt or spread flames quickly, if silk catches fire, it will only char and burn out.

Home Treasures Silk Collections

Home Treasures' silk is as sumptuous as they come; depending on how you want to incorporate it into your bedding routine, our silk is available as sheeting and quilting. These collections make it easy to infuse luxury and comfort into your home.


Each of our sumptuous silk collections is made with our 19 momme Mulberry silk. In this classic collection, we let the silk take center stage with a solid body and plain hem finish.


Merging modern style with clean tailored finishes, Lustro’s 19 momme Mulberry silk features a reverse 1” flange and coordinating 1” reverse appliqué inset.

Mulberry Quilted

Our love for silk doesn’t stop with sheeting. Our Mulberry silk can be ordered in any of our coveted quilted patterns. Our favorites include L’Avenue, Croix, Plateau and Fil Coupe.

Seasonal Bedding

Dressing your bed just right for the season doesn’t have to be hard. You can shop with confidence after reading more of our tips for selecting the right bedding for you in our “Between the Sheets” series of articles.

Home Treasures Bedding

While feel and durability are key to your comfort, the design and finish of your bedding shouldn’t take a backseat. We consider self-expression daily in our appearance, hobbies, and career choices. Your bedroom should be an extension of that personalization. With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. We invite you to experience our Silk bedding firsthand by shopping our Mulberry and Lustro collections.