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Creating the Perfect Gathering

Thanksgiving has arrived. Company is coming, and your linens have been washed, pressed and ready to be admired. We believe that when you welcome people to the dinner table, you are welcoming them into your family, and we’ve always been incredibly honored to be part of that moment. This is why our collection of table linens was designed with you in mind. Using only the finest Italian fabrics, which can be customized with a variety of finishes – a hand-guided hemstitch, embroidered scallop, satin stitch, applique or lace inset – our linens are intended to help bring your table to life. Whether you prefer a solid white Provenza tablecloth, or a Zebra jacquard, or a lace inset like our Doric...

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A Healthy Night's Sleep

Sleep is irrefutably linked to physical and mental health.  Just as we charge our cell phone batteries, sleep is how we recharge our bodies and our brains. While it seems that we do not have enough time in the day, it is so important that we do not cut back on our sleep hours. Sleep experts recommend an average of seven to nine hours for most adults; however, this can vary from one person to another! To assess how you’re sleeping well at night ask yourself:-Am I often tired?-Am I using caffeine to get through the day?-Do I sleep well?-Do I wake up feeling refreshed?-Do I get drowsy while driving or watching TV?If you’re answering yes to any of the...

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Fall Into Autumn

Cuddle weather is coming and it’s time to prepare your bedroom for the cooler temperatures and change of season.  Autumn is a tactile wonderland with crunchy leaves and crisp air, so your space should reflect the same. We have three ways you can update your most cherished spaces to reflect the season.  By introducing rich textures, deeper hues, some decorative elements and additional layers of warmth, you’ll be ready to take on the transition of seasons comfortably. Tackle textures without fear; simply go with what feels right to you!  Add comfort in the form of boucle, wools and cashmere to give your bed a refreshed fall look.  Our exclusive Dreamwool collection marries comfort, texture and style with ease.  The newest...

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Seeking Successful Slumber

As we head back in to the routine of fall we are given the opportunity to rethink and renew the way we sleep.  Summer is full of adventures and excitement that derail us from our good habits; so, with the return to school schedules and busy weekdays we want to take a moment to discuss the habits that keep us well rested, healthy and energized to tackle each day. Get your full eight:  You never outgrow the adage of 8 hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, according the National Sleep Foundation, adults over the age of 18 should receive 7-9 hours with school-aged children looking to gain closer to 10.  Work as a family to make sure you’re...

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From Flax to Finish

   As one of the oldest agricultural products in the world, linen has been a pervasive piece in the shaping of the textile industry and influencing cultures worldwide. A RICH AND TENURED HISTORY Cultivated from the flax plant, a hearty annual, linen is ready to be harvested when the stem begins to turn yellow and the seeds turn brown.  The best quality fibers run the length of the stalk into the roots; so, to harvest these ideal fibers, the flax plant is pulled up by the root by hand because machine harvesting is still unable to preserve the root system.  Not only does this allow for the strongest fibers, but also, by doing this farmers prevent the plant sap from leaking out of the cut...

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