What is a Shower Curtain?

Let’s be honest, we all fantasize over the perfect bathroom retreat in our own homes.

However, when it comes to time and expense, not everyone can afford their dream bathroom remodel and you may be left wondering how to make the maximum impact with minimal investment of time and effort. Enter the shower curtain. With the right combination of material, color, and tailored finishes, a thoughtfully designed shower curtain can have a huge impact on your home spa.

What is a Shower Curtain?

Bath towels may be considered the standard essential in any bathroom however the often over-looked shower curtain also serves as a vital functional and stylistic part of your space. Serving as a barrier to splashing water out of a tub or shower, shower curtains also provide privacy, style, and noise-dampening qualities that glass barriers cannot offer.

When shopping for your shower curtain, there are three things to keep in mind: Sizing, fabric type, and style.


Shower Curtain Sizes

Before ordering your shower curtain, be sure to measure your space to get the right fit. First measure your shower from wall to wall. A shower curtain should have a relaxed look when closed so add about a foot of fabric to the distance between walls. For the height, measure from the shower rod to the floor. For a clean look, your curtain should cover most of the tub when closed and should certainly never reveal the shower liner behind it. Designer Tip: If your rod is adjustable, consider moving it up as high as you can to help make the room feel taller.

At Home Treasures, our standard-size shower curtains are 72x72” while oversized curtains are 72x84”. If you find that your space needs a different size, we’ve got you covered! All of our shower curtains can be custom-crafted to fit your needs.

Shower Curtain Material

While online marketplaces are saturated with shower curtains made from a wide range of synthetic fabrics like vinyl and polyester, we have chosen to make our curtains with natural fabrics and materials like cotton and linen that offer a elevated look in the bathroom.

  • Linen - Linen’s relaxed texture, lightweight, and moisture-resistance in humid environments are qualities that make it an ideal choice for a shower curtain material.
  • Cotton - Our Italian cotton piqué serves as a more structured alternative to linen’s relaxed look. It’s lightweight, subtle honeycomb texture and quick-drying properties make cotton an obvious choice for a clean modern look.

Picking A Shower Curtain Style

Finding a shower curtain with an elevated style made of high-quality materials may sound like hunting for a unicorn. Still, at Home Treasures we offer collections that offer the high quality and style standards you deserve. Each of bath linen collections offers a complete selection of towel sizes, bath mats, and shower curtains. Select from any one of these exceptional collections and you’re sure to upgrade your bath’s design and efficiency.


Our Antalya shower curtains feature our Honeycomb piqué, with scalloped piping for a playful touch.


This collection offers you the choice of any Izmir terry base, with contrasting piping, allowing you to give that edge a little more attention.


Our Fino shower curtains are designed with a 1" applique inset on a linen base for a timeless elegant finish.


Elegant and sophisticated, our Linea Shower Curtains pair two colors of Italian linen, with a classic white Doric lace inset.


Our Ribbons shower curtains feature a pair of sateen ribbons on a diamond piqué for a traditional elegance.


Classically elegant, our Tornio shower curtains are designed with double, hand-cut, applique insets.


Classic and timeless, our Zebra shower curtains are finished with an elegant hemstitch finish.

Home Treasures Bath Linens

With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. Dress your bathroom with our selection of luxury Italian linens and piqués to create a timeless, restful retreat. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!