Seasonal Sleep Guide: Linen

Layering and styling your bed just right for summer doesn’t have to be hard. The warmth, even heaviness, of the season can mean that you want a much lighter and more breathable bedsheet for the season. That’s why linen is the ideal choice, even above cotton. Although a slightly textured, linen is more breathable and can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep overall.

For the Love of Linen

Linen fabrics are known for their ultra-breathability and moisture-wicking qualities making them a perfect temperature regulator for warmer sleepers and an ideal choice for hot summer nights. Not only do linen’s fibers have a heat conductivity rating five times higher than wool fibers, they also help you maintain cooler body temperatures by approximately four degrees when compared to cotton or silk.

You can read more about what makes linen a superstar for summer slumber in our “Sleeping Sensibility: Linen Bedding” article.

Linen Bedding Collections at Home Treasures

Whether you are opting for linen as your choice of fabric for sheeting, for shams and duvet covers, or for quilted coverlets, our collection of solid and jacquard linen fabrics make it easy to sleep in style and comfort during the dog days of summer.


A contemporary, yet free-spirited elegant collection that comes in gray or beige tonal fabrics with the option to be quilted and is complete with shams and a duvet cover.


Elevated yet casual, Celine combines two tonal hues of our double-sided 100% Italian linen sateen and is finished with hand-cut ribbon ties.


Chester’s solid, herringbone, and striped motifs make it a versatile collection that adds texture, depth, and complexity that truly defines the design of your space.


Inspired by clarity of the mind and soul, this blue printed linen-cotton collection brings life to any bedroom ensemble.


Inspired by the casual elegance of our hometown, this linen-cotton collection of denim textured fabrics, available in flame stitch and solid, gives you a taste of Texan hospitality.


The combination of a linen cuff, a Doric lace inset and percale body, lets this collection fit in anywhere - from the city to the country to the beach.


Inspired by the relaxed sophistication of the Mediterranean, this 100% Italian linen fabric is a breeze to design with in every space.


Blissful, yet bold; familiar, yet fresh—this 100% Italian linen sateen is woven with a tonal exotic design that transports you to a soothing and serene sanctuary.


Sophisticated, timeless, yet current, this 100% Italian linen sateen comes in three tonal color combinations that are often used as contrasting cuff details, insets, or reverse backing in bed and table collections.


Zebra is know for it’s wide range of color options in solid and herringbone textures that can each standalone or be used together to create a tailored tone-on-tone finish.

Home Treasures Bespoke Linens

The beauty and charm of our bed, bath, and table linens are the result of the skilled and loving artisans who craft each piece by hand. Using only the finest Italian fabrics, which can be customized with a variety of finishes our linens are intended to be enjoyed, on your own or with your guests.