Your Guide to Bed Coverings: Blankets and Throws

When the seasons change and you’re ready to transition from the sweltering summer season to the romance of autumn to the cozy winter months, introducing blankets and throws can quickly transition a room without having to undertake a huge investment.

Add warmth, comfort and texture to any space with this top layer that’s easy to style and comes in a variety of colors, weights, and designs.


With quality craftsmanship and incredible materials like alpaca, cotton and wool, think of a throw as a timeless, functional addition to your seasonal collection that won’t overcrowd your space. You can introduce a throw to not only your bedroom but your living room spaces as well. By layering throws on classic bed sets, couches and chairs, you can change the feel of the whole room while offering a source of warmth always within an arm’s reach.

Cotton Throw

Mimic the autumnal tones that surround you with an Atacama throw made of textured cotton voile available in four nature inspired colors: Moss, Marine, Granite and Treebark.

Alpaca Throw

Double down on cozy with an ultra soft and equally warm alpaca Cuzco throw, which offers a neutral palette with bold texture.


When even colder temperatures start to set in and a throw isn’t doing the trick, it’s time to layer on a blanket! At Home Treasures, we have a selection of cotton, wool and cashmere blankets, which we find great for all year layering, whether on their own or in addition to a coverlet.

With Home Treasure’s wide selection of bedding materials, you can choose the best blanket for your climate.

Light Weight

For those who are in need of something light, our zero-twist Lisboa cotton blanket or Dreamwool Geneva blanket may be the right choice.


For mid-weight blankets that are perfect for use as standalone top layers, consider Thatcher or Savannah. Both feature a unique yet subtle double-sided quilted design for a refined and timeless elegance.

Heavy Weight

For those in colder climates, our cashmere Brunello and Serena blankets are sure to keep you warm through fall and winter. Whether you sleep with a blanket on its own, or layered with a Duvet, we leave that choice to you!

Home Treasures Linen Bedding

While feel and durability are key to your comfort, the design and finish of your bedding shouldn’t take a backseat. We consider self-expression daily in our appearance, hobbies, and career choices. Your bedroom should be an extension of that personalization. With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!