Find the Perfect Set of Sheets

New year, new you, new sheets. In a season of new beginnings, let your bed be the first place to focus on well-deserved self care.

No matter your health, fitness, mental, or spiritual goals, getting the appropriate amount of rest is key. Ask well-being experts from around the world and they'll say the same. While we don’t all have time for the full eight to ten hours of blissful sleep, creating a peaceful place to rest your head at night is one way to help you get the most out of your hours of rest.

Lay the Foundation with Your Sheets

When planning your bedding ensemble, start with the bottom layer. Your sheet set consists of your fitted sheet, your flat sheet and a pair of pillowcases. While these pieces are the least visible components of your bed, many argue they are the most important to your sleep – they are the pieces your body actually touches, so invest wisely! Cotton, linen, modal, and blends are just a few of the sheeting options available to you when looking for luxury bedding. Which is best? The weave and design will depend largely on your preferences and how you sleep.

Cotton Percale




Commonly referred to as a plain weave, Percale is a type of cotton fabric that is tightly woven with a flat matte finish and a cool, crisp feel. Think of Percale as your go-to fabric during warm weather seasons with ultra breathability.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy better sleep with crisp, light, 500 thread count Perla sheets, or find comfort in our new 600 thread count Darcy sheets. For the ultimate smooth and supple percale sheet set, consider N°45 made from the finest Giza 45 Egyptian cotton.

Cotton Sateen

Royal Sateen



Plush 1000

In contrast to Percale’s matte finish, sateen is characterized by its silky feel and lustrous appearance. As opposed to the regular plain over-and-under Percale weave, a Sateen is woven with one yarn under and three (or more) yarns over to create a dense, silky surface. Sateen’s density makes it a great choice for sleeping during transition seasons with the windows open through the night.

At Home Treasures, we especially love sateen sheeting and have four great collections for you to choose from. Choose from a variety of colors with our 300 thread count Royal Sateen or 600 thread count Princess or keep it classically white with the 700 thread count Villa or ultra-plush 1,000 thread count Plush 1000.





Linen bedding has grown more popular in recent years due to the strength of the fabric and its ability to keep you cool at night. As a sign of its durability, unwashed linen has a subtle texture and stiffness that with each wash grows softer and more relaxed. Linen’s breathability and moisture absorbing qualities make it a perfect temperature regulator for warmer sleepers and an ideal choice for hot summer nights.

When it comes to crisp white linen sheets, Provenza is the crème de la crème, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook some colored options like our yarn-dyed Seychelles or Raja jacquard.




Modal has become more commonly recognized as it is increasingly used in sleepwear and bedding due to its soft feel and moisture-wicking properties. What makes this fabric so attractive is that it has the feel and sheen of silk, with the ease of care and breathability of cotton. It’s perfect for those wanting sheets that offer additional health and beauty benefits.

At Home Treasures, we have two micro-modal fabric options: our classic Athens is available in four neutral colors and three classic patterns, while our yarn-dye Atwood offers a moodier, more modern option.


As the name suggests, polycotton is a fabric that is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. It is used by those wanting an affordable, easy-care option. The polyester in the fabric results in less wrinkling during laundering, and greater resistance to repeated washing. Therefore, it's a great option for those with practicality in mind! We find polycotton to be most popular for vacation homes, guest rooms and children’s bedrooms. Home Treasures’ Polycotton collection is the beautiful sheeting you've always wanted: practical, easy-care and affordable luxury.


Flannel sheets are made from a soft, brushed cotton, just like your favorite plaid flannel shirt. Flannel is warm and cozy, and it provides a little bit more weight to help provide a comfortable sleep. While many associate Flannel with plaid patterns in primary colors (red, navy, green), our Jackson collection has a more sophisticated palette, with neutral colors offered in a solid and subtle herringbone pattern.

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Don’t waste another year of sleep on bad bedding. From luxury Italian sheets to divine duvets, at Home Treasures you’ll find everything you need for quiet and comfortable sleep. From the silky feel of our Royal Sateen, to the striped, solid and dot patterns of Athens Modal, to the heirloom softness of our Provenza Linen, we’ve got a range of choices to accommodate your weave and design preferences.