How to Style Your Bathroom Retreat

When it comes to selecting towels for your spa retreat, softness, absorbency, durability, and style should be at the forefront of your search. Afterall, towels are one of the first things we grab for in the morning and one of the last things we touch at night, giving them an important role in our daily self care.

Selecting Your Towels

When selecting your luxury towels and bath linens, there’s always a balance to absorbency, feel and look. So, as you shop for the perfect towel, try to keep certain quality measures like origin, fiber quality, and weave in mind. Understanding the language of towels will help ensure that you get the look, feel and performance that you want.


Just as the weaving of luxury linens is deeply rooted in Italian culture, Turkey is credited for producing the highest quality towels on the market. Why is this? Turkey invented the first towels in the 17th century, and with the growth of the Ottomon Empire, so did the use of the towel. It was during this growth that towels evolved from flat woven linen, to feature loops, which we associate with terry towels today. For this reason, towel production is deeply rooted in Turkish culture and the country remains the leading authority still to this day.


Turkish terry towels, like our Izmir Collection, are made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region. The long fibers allow for stronger and smoother cotton threads that result in towels that offer durability, a supremely soft touch and exceptional absorbency. In contrast, Egyptian cotton, known for long, strong fibers, is also used in towels but has been found to absorb too much water and not dry fast enough. This can cause the towels to remain wet long after use and potentially harbor bacteria.


Typically, towels are woven from yarn that is twisted in order to increase the strength of the fibers. By twisting the yarn, both short and long fibers can be used in production. However, with high quality Zero Twist towels, the yarn is not twisted, but instead put into a synthetic casing that dissolves when the yarn is dyed (all towels are dyed, even white ones!). This process is only possible when using long, strong fibers of the highest quality cotton. As an added benefit to zero twist weave, these towels have a larger surface area, which increases absorbency without bulk and allows for air infiltration so the towels can dry more efficiently. This is why our Izmir towel quality, also used for all our decorative styles below, is so popular!


When it comes to choosing the right towels for your bathroom, many of us are focused on curating the right look. At Home Treasures we offer a variety of styles to choose from so you can truly design a unique look: Antalya offers a wavy scallop finish for playful touch; Bodrum has a contrasting piping for a pop of color; Ribbons creates a clean tailored look with a pair of ribbons and straight edge finish; and our collection of laces – Doric, Morocco, Valencia and Wreath – can all be added for a more refined, traditional finish.

Sizes and Uses

Once you have selected the line of towels you want to incorporate into your bathroom retreat, it’s important to purchase the quantity and sizes appropriate for their intended use.

Face Towel: The smallest among the family of towels, these usually measure around 13” x 13” and can be used for drying your hands or face at the wash basin. Their small size also makes them great for cleansing or exfoliating your face or your entire body in the shower.

Fingertip Towel: Slightly larger than a washcloth measuring 14” x 21”, fingertip towels are usually more decorative and are used to quickly dry hands or fingertips in powder rooms. The fingertip towel adds a gracious touch when folded neatly in a countertop basket or hung on a towel ring next to the wash basin and can come in linen or terry weaves.

Hand Towel: At 18" x 30", hand towels are most commonly used to dry your hands or face.These are often found hanging on a towel ring next to the sink or folded over the bath towel on the towel rod. If you enjoy monograms, we highly recommend you personalize your hand towels as it makes for a distinctive accent.

Bath Towel: This 30" x 52" towel is used for drying off your body after a shower or bath. Given bath towels are used and washed most often, we recommend buying twice as many bath towels or bath sheets, as you do hand towels. Our towels are designed to neatly hang on your towel rod, over the edge of your bathtub or on a towel hook next to the shower.

Bath Sheet: Bath sheets can be used for extra coverage and measure 36" x 75". Take a soak in the tub and use a bath sheet to fully wrap your body. With the added width and length, bath sheets offer plenty of surface area that make it easier to completely dry off after your bath or shower. This is perfect for those who love a fuller coverage.

Bath Mat: Measuring 24" x 36”, a bath mat can be placed on the floor just outside your shower or tub and helps keep the floor dry when you step out of the shower. Often thicker than a standard towel, bath mats help soak up all that moisture on your wet feet and can prevent slipping on tile floors.

Displaying Your Towels

The way you store and display your luxury towels is an important part of the overall design of your retreat. Whether you’re designing for a small or a large space, a bathroom or a linen closet, how you style your towels can impact your space visually and functionally.

Photo by Home Treasures Linens

Photo by Amanda Simmons Interiors

Photo by Amanda Simmons Interiors


Folding towels neatly and stacking them on shelves can make them easy to access and helps keep the wrinkles at bay. By arranging same-sized towels into equal width stacks from top to bottom, you can maximize your shelf space by packing them closer together.


For a spa-style method of storing towels, you can roll your towels and washcloths into tubes and then stack them as a pyramid on a shelf or arrange them within a basket. This method of storing and displaying towels is not only a chic alternative to the traditional stacking method, it’s known to save more space in your linen closet.


Towels that are actively being used can be hung on a towel bar or hook. Always ensure that your hanging towels are well within reach of your shower or sink to minimize water drips on your floor or countertops. When layering towels on the towel bar, make sure that each towel gets enough airflow to dry out between uses which will prevent trapping moisture and bacteria growth.

Home Treasures Bath Linens

With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. If you’re interested in updating your bathroom, we invite you to explore our extensive collection of towel options. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!