The Benefits of Buying American-Crafted Linens

Since 1988, Home Treasures has proudly handcrafted all our luxury bed, bath, and table linens at our local factory in the heart of Houston, Texas.

Our founders’ strong conviction to produce every piece locally, in the United States, ensures that we’re able to guarantee exceptional quality products, endless customization options, ethical manufacturing standards, and continuous contribution to our local economy and community.

Guaranteed Quality and Customization

Home Treasures was founded under the belief that your home is personal and every piece you introduce into it should be a reflection of your unique, individual style. With this in mind, every product in our line can be fully customized in accordance with your exact specifications—a feat that would be impossible to achieve if we didn’t fully produce all our products in-house.

When you place an order, one of our experienced, local seamstresses handcrafts each piece just for you. Then your piece is carefully inspected by our trained quality control team to ensure that no thread is left untrimmed or out of place. Once we have confirmed your product meets our luxury standards, it is ironed, packaged and shipped with care, directly to you.

Unmatched Industry Lead Times

With warehousing, production and fulfillment all under one roof in Houston, we're able to offer fully custom pieces with the industry's fastest lead times. Every other brand in our industry relies on a network of overseas factories to produce their stocked and custom goods, which can limit their ability to control lead times. On average, custom goods from these brands can take 8-10 weeks to produce and include a 25% surcharge. At Home Treasures, our lead times are 2-3 weeks, without any incremental customization surcharges.

Sustainable Inventory Model

We don't believe in overproduction; rather, we believe in producing exactly what our customer wants. This means we never face stock outs or excess seasonal inventory that needs to be discounted or dumped in landfills. On the contrary, by keeping fabrics in stock, instead of finished goods, you have the flexibility to design an endless number of products, styles, sizes and color combinations, exactly as you want it.

Supporting Our People

Our people are our family, and we're so grateful for the opportunity to work with them under one roof every single day. Instead of relying on third party certifications that provide guidance as to overseas factory conditions, we're able to guarantee it every day because we work side by side, at our Houston-based headquarters.

We also believe in going above and beyond what fair trade standards require. We don't believe in a minimum wage; rather, we focus on a livable wage. We offer health and dental insurance, retirement benefits, and paid vacation. We also invest in cross-training our people so they can diversify their skillset and enjoy variety in their work.

As a family business, we recognize the majority of our seamstresses are mothers. In the interest of helping them balance professional ambitions with personal commitments, we've set our production hours to M-F from 7:30am to 3:30pm to allow parents to be home when their children leave for school and be back when they return.

As a result of the many benefits we offer our employees, the average tenure of our seamstresses is 12 years, with some having worked at HTL since 1988!

American Made, American Strong

During the inevitable ebbs and flows of the global market, it becomes increasingly more essential for the American people to invest in and buy American-made products. Buying locally-made products strengthens our economy from the inside out by providing jobs within the community, reducing reliance on foreign exports, and pouring money back into the US economy. Not to mention, American-made products have a reputation for quality that will last far longer than many foreign-made alternatives and we, at Home Treasures, are proud to reinforce that tradition by crafting luxury items that are made to last.

Home Treasures Linens

The beauty and character of our bed, bath, and table linens are the result of the skilled and loving artisans who craft each piece by hand. Cautious & careful, our seamstresses pay close attention to every step along the way, making sure each finished product is absolutely perfect. If you’re interested in updating your home, we invite you to explore our extensive collection of luxury linen options. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!