How To Refresh Your Home for Fall

Autumn looks very different depending on the region that you live in, but one thing remains the same despite your climate–it’s a season that embraces change and celebrates rich warm colors. With our guide, we’ll help you add comfort in living spaces in the form of soft blankets or throws, set the table with warm autumnal neutrals, and embrace seasonal colors throughout the home to give a refreshed fall look.

Swap Your Sheets

As temperatures dip, your sheets should transition with the season. For practical reasons, you need to make sure you’re climbing in bed with fabrics that will help you stay warm on cool evenings yet still wick away moisture during warmer temps. Choosing sateen can be the right material for sleeping in a transitional season where you may experience both warm and cool nights. Some of our favorite Sateen collections are Plush 1000, Royal Sateen and Villa. You can read more about how the quality, materials, and finish of your sheets make a big impact on how comfortably you sleep here.

Level Up Your Layers

By layering throws on classic bed sets or draped over your favorite armchair, you can change the feel of the whole room without having to undertake a huge investment. Mimic the autumnal tones that surround you with an Atacama throw made of textured cotton voile available in four nature-inspired colors: Moss, Marine, Granite and Treebark. Looking for something warmer than cotton? Double down on cozy with an ultra-soft and equally warm alpaca Cuzco throw, which offers a neutral palette with bold texture.

When the compact size of a throw isn’t doing the trick, it’s time to layer on a larger blanket. For those in need of something lightweight, 100% cotton waffle Comporta blankets may be the right choice; while those in colder climates may try a Thatcher blanket for a mid-weight option or a cashmere Brunello for something even heavier. Whether you sleep with a blanket on its own or layered with a Duvet, we leave that choice to you!

Set The Table

Company is coming, the table is set with your favorite linens, and you’re eager to gather around the table with friends and family to make new memories together. Whether you’re hosting a traditional family Thanksgiving or festive Friendsgiving, you can opt for a clean and minimalist look with a neutral linen set with a tonal cuff detail in Seychelles, add a pop of color with an inset detail from our Fino collection, or dial up the luxury with lace details from our Valencia collection. From the color of the linen and borders, to inset lace styles and even embroidered monograms, setting a fall table is the perfect chance to get creative and impress guests with your unique style. Check out our guides for inspiration on how to set the table for fall and the holidays.


Store Your Spring and Summer Bedding Safely

Before you store your warm-weather bedding away for the coming months, remember to wash them before you pack them. This will eliminate any unwanted oils, dust or left-behind skin cells from lingering in your sheets for months. Once laundered, you can pack them safely in water-resistant bins, insect-repelling cedar chests, or space-saving vacuum-sealed bags and store them in a cool, dark, dry place such as your linen closet.