Your Guide to Bespoke Linens: Bouclés

With a recent resurgence of neutral and tonal aesthetics, bouclé fabrics have become a design sensation in the textile world of bedding, furniture and even fashion. Offering a warm, textured and tactile experience that many other fabrics don’t offer, bouclés add depth and subtle pattern and a wide range of colors and subtle patterns.

The term bouclé (pronounced "boo-clay") in French means “loop” or “curl”. This fabric is created from a series of yarn loops which gives it a signature nubby yet fleecy look that is soft to the touch. While you may not be familiar with the name bouclé, it’s likely you’re familiar with it’s application in some category of design. From curvy mid-century chairs, to cozy accent pillows to elegant outerwear like jackets and sweaters, bouclé is chic and modern but never trendy.

Bouclés Fabrics at Home Treasures

Made of 100% cotton Italian bouclé, our bouclés make it easy to break away from solid colors and add tonal patterns in the bedroom. Most often used as top-of-bed layer for high visual impact, bouclés can complete your bedding ensemble in shams and a duvet cover.

For design inspiration on how to mix and match patterns and textures with a bouclé, check out our guide with “LOREN IN THE BEDROOM”.


Bouclé Collections at Home Treasures

Icons never go out of style and neither will the bouclés in our luxury bedding collections. With our standout collection of three 100% cotton bouclés, you will surely find the perfect design to complete a chic and timeless look in the bedroom.




Home Treasures Bespoke Linens

The beauty and charm of our bed, bath, and table linens are the result of the skilled and loving artisans who craft each piece by hand. Using only the finest Italian fabrics, which can be customized with a variety of finishes our linens are intended to be enjoyed, on your own or with your guests.