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About Our Company

Since our founding in 1988, we at Home Treasures have been committed to providing our customers with luxurious, fully bespoke bed, bath and table linens. Using only the finest textiles in the world, our experienced seamstresses in Houston, TX take the time to carefully craft unique, custom pieces based on your individual style and specifications. We are proud to produce our products in the U.S.A., close to the people who will cherish them for generations to come.

The Founders

Meet the Founders

With family histories in the textile industry that date back three and four generations respectively, Saeed and Ellie Taghdisi have a shared passion for fine linens born from that background and nurtured through their exposure to all aspects of the business. Their dedication to this craft has trained their eyes, hands and hearts to select the perfect materials for producing beautiful, customized finished pieces.

As they made plans to start Home Treasures, Saeed and Ellie were guided by one of their firmly held beliefs: people want, and deserve, belongings that accurately reflect their individual style. As a result, we have become the largest manufacturer of fully bespoke luxury Italian linens in the U.S.A.

Today, the founders’ commitment to producing top quality, highly customized goods continues to drive our company. While many in the industry have changed strategy and positioning over time, Home Treasures still pleases discriminating customers and prominent retailers alike with our willingness to improvise, modify and collaborate on exquisite products that meet very specific wants and needs.

Saeed and Ellie’s life-long fascination with textures and weights, colors and sheens, shapes and lines, is on display in every item that Home Treasures produces. And while they are still fully involved in every aspect of the company, they have happily welcomed their daughter Rana to the executive management team. Having honed her business skills with one of the world’s leading investment banks, Rana has now turned her attention to merging her knowledge of business with her devotion to the textile industry.

The family legacy continues.

Crafter in the USA

Home Treasures has become the largest manufacturer of fully bespoke luxury Italian linens in the U.S.A.


New traditions often emerge from the place where experience meets inspiration. Such was the case with Saeed and Ellie Taghdisi. An intuition for fine linen design resulting from immersion in their family textile businesses and frequent visits to Europe set the stage. A particular trip to Milan provided the creative spark.

There they encountered thin, quilted coverlets that reminded them of the lightweight blankets they grew up with in their native Iran. There was nothing exactly like them available in the U.S.A., and the couple decided that these beautiful bedding items would be the foundation of their new business. Today these coverlets, and the family heritage they represent, are the cornerstone of an exquisite product line.

Our Beliefs

Superior Quality
Our bed, bath and table linens are unsurpassed in design, materials and workmanship.
Exceptional Customer Service
We do everything in our power to accommodate every customization request.
Confident Creativity
Though well-versed in design trends, we gladly diverge from them to help customers bring their unique style to life.
Exceptional Variety
The wealth of options we provide to our customers gives them the freedom to express themselves.
Respect for Our Craft
We have a responsibility to uphold the traditions and meet the high standards of the artisans who came before us.

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