Your Guide to Layering Your Bed

A beautiful bed invites relaxation, comfort, and uninterrupted sleep. No matter how large or elaborate your bedroom may be, the bed itself holds a prominent and noticeable position in the room. So why not make it look its best every night? After all, the bed is the only piece of furniture in your home that has a whole room dedicated to it!

For many sleepers, the bed is the single piece of furniture we utilize most on a daily basis. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to spend more time in our bed than we do seated in our chair at work. Each component on your bed is not only meant to look beautiful, but also to bring you the most comfortable night’s sleep. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through properly layering your bed linens – from the sheets to the duvets and shams, to the blankets and the coverlets. With so many components to mix and match, you can curate an ensemble that feels and looks exactly as you want it.

Prepare Your Linens

Before you even start tucking in your sheets or fluffing your pillows, make sure your linens have been laundered and pressed to look their best. At Home Treasures, we believe in livable luxury so our bed linens—from pillowcases and fitted sheets, to coverlets and shams—can be machine washed, tumble dried, and spot-cleaned right in your own home.

For some simple instructions on caring for your bedding linens, click over to our article Luxury Linen Care: Pressed and Pristine, where we share some tips (and tricks) to keeping your linens looking and feeling like new, year after year.

Lay the Foundation

When planning your bedding ensemble, start with the bottom layer. Your sheet set consists of your fitted sheet, your flat sheet and a pair of pillowcases. While these pieces are the least visible components of your bed, many may argue they are the most important to your sleep – they are the pieces your body actually touches, so invest wisely!

Fitted Sheets

Your fitted sheet is meant to cover your mattress. Home Treasures’ fitted sheets are made with a 17” pocket, which fits mattresses up to 15” high; however, if you have a lower profile or deeper mattress, we can customize a fitted sheet that provides the right fit. Our fitted sheets are all finished with an elastic band all the way around to ensure the fitted sheet hugs your mattress and stays put throughout the night, regardless of how much you toss and turn!  

Flat Sheets

Your flat sheet, often referred to as the top sheet, serves as a lightweight cover between the fitted sheet and the coverlet, blanket or duvet cover. This sheet can be folded over at the top for a decorative accent. While many prefer to sleep directly beneath their blanket or duvet cover, remember that a flat sheet is easier to launder on a regular basis. It’s also much softer against your body!


Some consider pillowcases as the most important part of your bedding ensemble, given it’s where you rest your head. Our pillowcases are sold in pairs and are designed with an opening on one side, with an internal hidden flap (envelope closure) to cover the pillow inside. Pillowcases often coordinate with the Flat Sheet in terms of design and finishing treatment.

Add Layers

Once you’ve established your foundation, it’s time to build up bedding layers for both aesthetics and additional warmth. For temperature control, many sleepers choose between a Coverlet, Blanket or Duvet based on the weather and how they prefer to sleep.

Coverlets and Blankets

Coverlets generally have more structure and clear patterns compared to blankets, which are generally knitted for a softer and looser feel and a less distinct pattern. Home Treasures offers an extensive variety of coverlets, including our quilted coverlets, matelasses & piques and decorative bed covers. These are available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs that can help you create a unique look. Our quilted coverlets are designed with two layers of soft, breathable sheeting, with a light layer of batting in between, while our matelasses and piques are woven with a light padded structure directly on the loom. We also have a selection of cotton, wool and cashmere blankets, which we find great for all-year layering, either as a stand-alone piece or paired with a coverlet.


A duvet cover, when combined with the duvet, is often referred to as the comforter. For some sleepers, the duvet becomes the primary top layer that you sleep with, so it’s important to prioritize the comfort of this layer as well as the overall look. The duvet cover not only embellishes your bed, but it also protects the investment you’ve made in your down comforter. Home Treasures’ duvet covers are designed as an envelope-like case with an opening at one end where the duvet can be inserted. All our duvet covers come with corner ties to affix to your duvet, and your option of a button or zipper closure. When you make your bed, your duvet can be folded at the bottom of your bed, making it readily accessible when needed. It can also be left open, covering the entire bed, for a lower maintenance ensemble.

Perfect Pillows

Lastly, there are the purely decorative pieces that serve as the finishing touch to your bed—the pillow shams. While shams are more decorative in nature, each size, including Euros and Boudoirs, serves a very specific function!

Euro Shams

Euro shams are designed to fit a 26” x 26” European or Continental pillow. These large pillows are usually placed in front of the headboard so that you can comfortably sit up in bed. We recommend you coordinate these shams with either the Duvet Cover or the Coverlet, to tie the look of the bed together. We recommend 2-3 Euro shams for a Queen bed and 3-4 Euro shams for a King bed.

Standard & King Shams

Standard and king shams are the same size as your sleeping pillows, so people often get them confused. While pillowcases are meant for sleeping, shams are used for more decorative purposes. Typically, shams are finished with a flange on all four sides and an envelope closure in the back for inserting the pillow. A more modern and tailored finish for shams is a knife-edge, which replaces the flange with a tapered edge.

Decorative Shams

Boudoirs, neckrolls and other accent shams are a great way to add color and texture to your bed. You can play with varying shapes and fabrics to give your bed some depth and dimension. These are also the easiest pieces to transition from one season to another to freshen up the look and feel of your bed. Boudoirs are also great for extra support under your neck, whether you’re reading in bed or traveling.

Home Treasures Bed Linens

While feel and durability are key to your comfort, the design and finish of your bedding shouldn’t take a backseat. We consider self-expression daily in our appearance, hobbies, and career choices. Your bedroom should be an extension of that personalization. With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!