Luxury Linen Care: 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Sheets

While your sheets set (consisting of flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases) may be the least visible components of your bed, many may argue they are the most important to your sleep. They are the pieces your body actually touches so their comfort really counts! With such frequent use and washing cycles (we recommend at least weekly), it’s inevitable that you will need to retire them. You may be asking yourself, “How do I know when it’s time to replace them?”

Here are 5 easy-to-spot signs that it’s time to upgrade the foundational layers of your bed for your best night’s sleep.

Signs You Need New Sheets

  1. They’re visibly damaged
    From pilling to fraying to broken elastic bands, when flat sheets and fitted sheets have these obvious signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace them.

  2. They look a bit lackluster
    Stains, yellowing, or fading colors? When your sheets no longer look as good as you want them to feel, it’s time to replace them before they continue to degrade.

  3. They are no longer comfortable
    Life is too short to suffer through rough and uncomfortable sheets. It should always be a treat to climb into bed and sink into comfort at the end of each day.

  4. They have a lingering odor
    If your bedding still has an odor despite having been freshly washed, it’s time to replace them as they could be harboring bacteria or mildew.

  5. You can’t remember how long you’ve had them
    While we wish perfect sheets lasted a lifetime, in reality even high-quality cotton sheets have a life expectancy of 5-7 years. With years of regular use and washes, fabric wears down becoming less effective, and can be host to unseen germs and bacteria.


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Tips for Extending the Life of Luxury Sheets

  1. We recommend using three sets of bed linens in rotation: one on the bed, one in the wash, one in the linen closet. This will allow each set a rest from use and a rest from wash.

  2. Wash matching linens (e.g. sheets and pillowcases) together, as each piece should be cared for similarly to help maintain color consistency and brightness.

  3. Remove jewelry and watches, or other accessories that may damage fibers while sleeping. The added abrasion can break down the fibers over time, possibly resulting in pilling.

  4. Wash off all makeup, sunscreen and harsh skincare products before bed as strong chemicals can react to the dye and damage fine fibers.

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