Sleeping Sensibility: Modal Bedding

No room in your home is more important to your rest and well-being than your bedroom. And at the center of that room is your bed: your sanctuary for healing and refreshment. However, comfort should not come at the cost of design and style. If you haven’t yet heard of Modal bedding, you should; it offers health benefits, temperature control and a luxurious silk-like finish for even the more discerning tastes.

Modal's Origins

Derived from the beech tree, beechwood fiber is the foundation for modal fabric. Modal has become more commonly recognized as it is increasingly used in underwear, sleepwear and bedding due to its soft feel and moisture-wicking properties.

In our opinion, what makes this fabric so attractive is that it has the feel and sheen of silk, with the ease of care and breathability of cotton. Additionally, modal is often considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton as the beech trees require up to 20% less water to grow and yield for production.

Modal’s Finest Qualities

  1. Silky soft. Modal’s smooth fibers make it look and feel like silk.
  2. Ease of care. Modal is machine washable. During wash cycles, modal doesn’t shrink or bleed dye and requires minimal ironing.
  3. Anti-bacterial properties. In addition to many health benefits, the fabric’s anti-bacterial properties keep the fabric odor-free longer than cotton.
  4. Reduced wrinkles. With each wash, modal becomes softer and more resistant to wrinkles.
  5. Resistant to pilling. Ultra strong and long fibers allow the fabric to maintain its integrity throughout regular use.  
  6. Moisture-wicking. Like cotton, modal is breathable and absorbent making it an ideal fabric for temperature control and sleeping cool during hot summer months.
  7. Eco-friendly. Modal is biodegradable and requires less water to grow than cotton.
  8. Low abrasion. Like mulberry silk, the extremely smooth surface of modal sateens makes it perfect for those concerned about their skin and hair beauty routines.

Home Treasures Modal Bedding

With so many great care and health benefits, it’s no wonder modal has become a customer favorite for over 15 years at Home Treasures. In fact, even our founders, Saeed & Ellie, prefer to sleep in our modal Athens collection over any other bedding…and they have the choice of any collection in our line!


Whether you are opting for modal as your sheeting or quilted coverlet, Home Treasures collection of solid and patterned modal fabrics are available for your customization. Our Celeste and Atwood sheeting and quilted collections are yarn-dyed, giving them unique, heathered hues: the perfect neutral layers to create a temperature controlled sleep. On the other hand, our classically-colored Athens collection adds monochromatic decorative patterns needed to optimize your bedroom for both comfort and design.

Celeste Collection

Atwood Collection

Athens Collection

Seasonal Bedding

Dressing your bed just right for the season doesn’t have to be hard. You can shop with confidence after reading more of our tips for selecting the right bedding for you in our “Between the Sheets” series of articles.

Home Treasures Bedding

While feel and durability are key to your comfort, the design and finish of your bedding shouldn’t take a backseat. We consider self-expression daily in our appearance, hobbies, and career choices. Your bedroom should be an extension of that personalization. With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream to return to each day. We invite you to experience our Modal bedding first hand by shopping our Atwood, Celeste, and Athens collections.