Your Guide to Bespoke Bedding: Lace

Whether it’s a crisp white tablecloth, a set of fresh linen hand towels, or a plush percale bedding ensemble, a little lace detail is the perfect subtle addition when it comes to infusing charm throughout your home. From subtle insets to larger cuff details, the addition of lace often adds a romantic, tailored finish to linens that can be enjoyed, on your own or with your guests.

Adding Lace

When it comes to applying lace to fabric, placement is key. A beautiful lace embellishment should be visible so reserve this design detail for top layers of bedding that show the most. For towels, napkins, and bedding, you’ll want to add lace embellishments to the edges of the fabric and avoid areas that frequently rub against the body maintaining a soft smooth, feel.

Cautious & careful, our seamstresses pay close attention to every step along the way, making sure each finished product is absolutely perfect and the lace embellishment is in the right place. On pillow shams, a lace inset is often placed along the flange hem while our pillowcases showcase the lace along a cuff hem. On duvet covers we use a u-shaped framing technique so that the lace follows the frame of the mattress. In the bath, we reserve most of our lace options for guest hand towels with the embellishment added along the cuff hem. For all of our table linens–from napkins to placemats to tablecloths–we add lace as an inset along the hem.

Lace at Home Treasures

With a wide selection of lace collections varying from simple to intricate styles, you will surely find the perfect design to complete your bespoke bed, bath, and dining spaces.


An elegant Austrian lace, with a winding vine design added along the cuff


A beautifully romantic Swiss lace inset detail added along the hem


An Austrian lace with structured, symmetric design for a tailored edge detail


A clean, simple and sophisticated Italian lace inset embellishiment


Refined and feminine flair featuring a double-flange and floral-motif lace


An abstract floral design in wide Austrian lace as a cuff detail


A subtle geometric lace applied as an inset


A timeless French lace inset in four neutral color options


A charming and carefree guipure Swiss lace inset


A rhythmic lace pattern inset


A simple Swiss lace, in a simple yet elegant wreath design

Home Treasures Bespoke Linens

The beauty and charm of our bed, bath, and table linens are the result of the skilled and loving artisans who craft each piece by hand. Using only the finest Italian fabrics, which can be customized with a variety of finishes our linens are intended to be enjoyed, on your own or with your guests.