Meet the Chester Collection

Three is better than one.

An Italian linen collection featuring solid, herringbone, and striped motifs brings depth and dimension to any contemporary space.

Chester is known for its versatility and wide range of weaves that can stand alone or be combined to create a tailored tonal finish. These classic and timeless patterns can also be paired with other collections for additional textured detail.

It's no wonder our designers come back to Chester, time and time again.

Chester Adds Depth to Any Design

Chester’s patterned linens make it a versatile collection that adds texture, depth, and complexity that truly defines the design of your space. This collection is lovely alone but is even better when combined with other linen collections to create custom designs. While its patterns are beautiful as an all over design, we equally love seeing Chester incorporated as an inset detail in collections like Fino or Harper, used as a tonal contrast in Celine, or be featured in Linea as the finishing cuff.

Chester is a popular pick for interior designers due to its versatility and ability to breathe life into any neutral palette through pattern.

Chester Stripe Cool Gray

Chester Herringbone Cool Gray

Chester Solid Cool Gray

Chester in the Bedroom

Chester’s various weave options make it easy to elevate a neutral color story in the bedroom through tone-on-tone patterns and finishes. Add depth to your bedding set by mixing solids with herringbones and stripes in your duvets, shams, and coverlets. Chester can even be used to design quilted coverlets for the oh-so-important top layer of every bed.

Chester in the Dining Room

While Chester doesn’t have a formal collection of table linens, Chester’s range of weave styles offers countless custom design opportunities in the dining room. Each of the Home Treasures collections that feature Italian Linen can be customized to use one of Chester’s signature weaves as coordinating placemats, napkins, and tablecloths. Feel free to exercise your creativity by using Chester as the solid base for placemats or customizing our Fino table linens by incorporating Chester in the 1” appliqué inset.

Chester in the Bathroom

Chester’s versatility continues to be impressive even in the bathroom. Introduce texture to your bathroom spa with Italian linen shower curtains like Torino by incorporating Chester in the inset details for a bold, tonal look. You can also customize your linen guest towels from our Provenza collection to feature Chester’s solid, stripe, or herringbone weave.

Home Treasures Luxury Linens

While feel and durability are key to your comfort, the design and finish of your bed, bath and table linens shouldn’t take a backseat. We consider self-expression daily in our appearances, hobbies, and career choices. Your bedroom should be an extension of that personalization. With a myriad of choices, we provide you the opportunity to create a space you daydream about returning to each day. And don’t forget, if you want to design something of your own, we’d be happy to customize something just for you and your preferences!