What Fabrics Are Good for Each Season and Why?

Changing weather means that a change in your bedsheets may be in order. How can you tell what fabrics do well with which seasons? Before you start perusing your favorite luxury sheets collection, check out these tips for the right sheet fabrics for every season.

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SUMMER SENSIBILITY: The warmth, even heaviness, of summer can mean that you want a much lighter and more breathable bedsheet for the season. That’s why linen is the ideal choice, even above cotton. Although a little rougher, linen is more breathable and can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep overall. Percale is also an ideal material for summer, whether it’s in conjunction with linen or used in the place of it.

SPRING AND FALL FAVORITES: These transition seasons are made a little easier by having the ideal bedsheets to take you through. Percale sheets are on the cooler side, and their weave makes them better for warmer weather. Sateen offers a silkier touch, and their density makes them a great choice for sleeping with the windows open through the night during one of these transition seasons, before the chill really begins to settle in over the fall season.

WINTER: Winter is different depending on the region that you live in, and it’s a season for mixing and matching a variety of fabrics in general. In your sheets, your percale and sateen sheets of fall and spring will pair well enough with flannel to help better insulate you against the cool air at night. Flannel is warm and cozy, and it provides a little bit more weight as well helping provide a sleep that is that much more comfortable.

Dressing your bed just right for every season doesn’t have to be hard. The next time you go shopping for the perfect luxury sheets collection, you can confidently choose the right material for the right season. Make sure you always have the right bedsheets to match the seasons, and sleep happier no matter what time of the year.