The Guide to Layering your Bedding

Don't overlook the importance of your bed, even if you and your partner are the only ones who get to see and use it. Your bed after all is the only piece of furniture in your home that has a whole room dedicated to it! No matter how large or elaborate your bedroom may be, the bed itself still holds a prominent and noticeable position in the room.


Furthermore, for many of us, the bed is the single piece of furniture we utilize most on a daily basis – sometimes, we are even lucky enough to spend more time in our bed than we do seated in our chair at work. Therefore, we should make sure that our bed is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also that it is comfortable, soothing and satisfies our personal tactile preference. A beautiful bed invites relaxation, comfort, and uninterrupted sleep.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the selection of your bed linens – the sheets, the duvets and shams, the blankets, the coverlets. When it comes to this, we recommend luxury Italian bedding made from Egyptian cotton or Linen. With so many components to mix and match, you can curate an ensemble that feels and looks exactly as you want it.

Get Started with the Foundation: First, start with your foundation, the sheet set. Your sheet set consists of your fitted sheet, your flat sheet and your pillowcases. While these pieces are the least visible components of your bed, many may argue they are actually the most important to your sleep – they are the pieces your body actually touches, so invest wisely! Your fitted sheet is meant to cover your mattress. Home Treasures’ fitted sheets are made with a 17” pocket, which fits mattresses up to 15” high; however, if you have a lower profile or deeper mattress, we can customize a fitted sheet that provides the right fit. Our fitted sheets are also all finished with an elastic band all the way around to ensure the fitted sheet stays put throughout the night, regardless of how much you toss and turn!  Your flat sheet, often referred to as the top sheet, serves as a lightweight cover between the fitted sheet and the coverlet, blanket or duvet cover. It is folded over at the top for a decorative accent. While many prefer to sleep directly with their coverlet, blanket or duvet cover directly, remember that a flat sheet is easier to launder on a regular basis. Then, there are your pillowcases, which many argue to be the most important part of your bedding ensemble. After all, your pillowcase is the piece your face is rubbing against throughout the night! Pillowcases are usually sold in pairs and coordinate with the flat sheet in terms of design and finishing treatment. Home Treasures pillowcases have an opening at one end, with a flap (called a “French tuck”) to cover the pillow and prevent it from sliding out at night.

Add on the Warmth Layers: Once you’ve established your foundation, it’s time to build on with layers…think about how you get dressed in the winter. For warmth, many choose between a Coverlet, Blanket or Duvet based on the weather and how they prefer to sleep. Coverlets generally have more structure and clear patterns compared to Blankets, which are generally softer and looser, with less distinct patterns. Home Treasures has a variety of Coverlets, which include our Quilted Coverlets, our Matelasses & Piques and our decorative Bed Covers. These are available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs that can help you create a unique look. We also have a selection of cotton, wool and cashmere blankets, which we find great for all year layering, whether on their own, or in addition to the coverlet. Then, there is your duvet cover, which along with the duvet, is often called the comforter. For those of you who use the Coverlet purely as decorative, the duvet is what you sleep with, so you want to make sure it not only looks great but feels amazing as well. The duvet cover not only serves to embellish your bed, but it also protects the investment you’ve made in your down comforter. Home Treasures’ duvet covers are designed as an envelop-like case with an opening at one end to insert the duvet itself. When you make your bed, your duvet can be folded at the bottom of your bed, making it readily accessible when needed, or it can be left open, covering the entire bed, for a lower maintenance ensemble.

The Finishing Touch: Lastly, there are the purely decorative pieces that serve as the finishing touch to your bed – the shams. Shams come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout our website, you will see we have beds decorated with Euro shams, which are the 26”x26” pillows that can either be placed in the back to protect your headboard, or up front to cover your sleeping pillows. There are also standard shams and king shams which are the same size as your sleeping pillows, but offer an additional decorative layer. For those who love smaller accent pillows, you can play with combinations of boudoirs, neckrolls, or decorative pillows for pops of color and texture!