Dress Your Bed for Each Season - The Importance of Layers

The seasons change, and as the temperature cools, that means that it is time to transition to a cool weather bedding. For practical and aesthetic reasons, you need to make sure you’re transitioning your coverings right. Check out these tips and suggestions before you peruse your favorite luxury bedding companies for styles.

Comfy bed

YOU CAN TRANSITION SLOWLY: The weather may be dropping, but perhaps there are still plenty of signs of summer lingering where you live. You can transition your bedding slowly, and start by simply adding more layers. What kind of layers? Start with a quilt and pair it with a duvet. It’s easy to partner and pair these items for a complimentary look.

LOOK AS WELL AS FEEL: The mood of summer is so different from winter, especially in regions that experience all four seasons. You want to have fall and winter bedding options that reflect the mood of the season. Eventually, you’ll want to reach a point where you transition out your light pastel sheets and bedding for some deeper, starker greens, blues or grays to suit the fall and winter seasons better. It helps if you have a few colors that work for your bedding year-round, such as neutral sheets, to help minimize the amount of bedding that you need to transition.

MATTRESS SMARTER: The mattress and pillow types that you use can impact how well you keep warm at night. Try to opt for a mattress protector, and perhaps even a mattress topper for a little extra warmth. This extra layer can also create an even more comfortable sleep!

The transition of the seasons means that there are plenty of reasons to celebrate—from the intermittent holidays to the sweater-weather fashions. Don’t leave your bedding out of the loop! Make sure you choose from the best luxury bedding companies as you make the transition.