Choosing the Right Luxury Bedding Sets Online

It’s said that the average person will spend one-third of their life sleeping. Why not spend that time in a comfortable setting? The quality of mattress, pillow, and bedding that you use can quickly turn your night of sound slumber into a tossing and turning terror. With Italian designer bedding, you’ll sleep sweetly through the night and wake refreshed to start a new day. To help you find the right luxury bedding set to lull you softly to sleep, here are a few things to remember.


MATERIAL MATTERS: During your bedding search, you’ll come across words like “synthetic” and “Egyptian.” While you may not think that material of your bedding matters, it does. The right material will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton is typically the most luxurious bedding option because it’s long-lasting and remains soft and smooth. Steer clear of synthetic materials and polyester, as they tend to wear quickly and don’t breathe as easily.

COUNTING THREADS: Many people believe that thread count should be the main factor in choosing sheets and bedding. But bedding experts beg to differ. Thread count pertains to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric used in the bedding. While the higher the thread count, the longer lasting the bedding will be, it may not equate to a comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t base your purchase solely on the number of threads. Instead, look for a quality material that also contains a higher thread count.

WEAVE AND DESIGN: Plain, percale, twill, sateen, and patterned are just a few of the weaves available to you when looking for luxury bedding. Which is best? The choice is yours! The weave and design will depend largely on your preference. Some weaves, like sateen, are designed to feel silky smooth, while percale is a bit more matte looking and crisp. Different weaves will cost more or less, allowing you a variety of options in your price point.

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