The HT Journey

Born in Italy

Each year, the creation of our new products starts with a trip to Italy, where Saeed and Ellie, our founders, are warmly greeted by the owners of the most well respected European mills. As a family owned business, relationships are the core of what we do. As such, we have been working with the same family owned mills since our founding in 1988. Not only does this offer us preferred access to the highest quality materials, it also allows us to maintain consistency in our products.

We pride ourselves in using the finest resources and processes to create our collection. We look forward to taking you through the journey of our bespoke pieces from start to finish.

Sourcing, Spinning, & Weaving

The first step to ensuring you receive only the finest, most luxurious linens is the choice of raw materials. We use long / extra long-staple cotton and pure Italian linen as the foundation for our textiles. The use of these quality fibers allows us to offer excellent products that are crafted to last.

The quality fibers are then spun into yarn…spinning is the process that takes raw fibers, like cotton and flax and transforms them into homogeneous yarn. Using these quality fibers allows our yarns to exhibit the finest characteristics - strength, color, cleanliness, and elasticity.

After the yarn is spun, it is woven into fabric at the most reputable mills in Italy. Woven fabrics are obtained from the combination of two elements: warp and weft. The first indicates threads laid lengthwise in the fabric; the second, threads laid widthwise. If a fabric is a sateen, the weaving of the weft goes in a “three-over, one-under” pattern that results in the smooth surface and subtle sheen. If a fabric is a percale, there is a classic weave, “one over, one under” that gives the fabric its matte, crisp finish. These are the basics for how all our fabrics are woven.

Dyeing & Finishing

Once the yarn is spun and the fabric is woven, the textiles undergo their final step – they go through the dyeing and finishing process. This final step is undertaken by the same mill who is responsible for weaving the fabric. By doing the weaving, dyeing and finishing under the oversight of one mill, we are able guarantee the quality, consistency and standard of the fabric. This last finishing process is equally as important as the steps that precede it as it ensures the hand feel and colors will remain as good, wash after wash, as the day you received your beloved pieces.

Raised in Texas

Next step for the fabrics is a trip overseas. The textiles are packed and sent straight to the Home Treasures headquarters in Houston, Tx, where it awaits your order! By having all the fabrics stored under the same roof as where they are crafted into their final form, we are able to work with you on customizing practically anything! Just specify your choice of fabric, color, size and style, and we’ll cut, sew, stitch embroider and shape each piece to your precise specifications.

The beauty and character of our bed, bath, and table linens are the result of the skilled and loving artisans who craft each piece by hand. Cautious & careful, our seamstresses pay close attention to every step along the way, making sure each finished product is absolutely perfect.

We want you to enjoy your bespoke linens for not just a few years, but a lifetime – a gift to you from our family here at Home Treasures!