5 Types of Fibers Used to Create Bedding

Shopping for bedding can be more complicated than searching the best luxury bedding companies and picking the most aesthetically-pleasing option. Unless you know the terminology, you can drown in a sea of cotton, linen, silk, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo, not to mention mystery blends. This article will explain to you the 5 most common types of fibers used in bedding.


COTTON: One of the most popular fibers used to make bed sheets, cotton, is smooth, long-lasting, and easily maintained. You can come across many types of cotton; the most common variants are Egyptian, Pima, upland, Supima®, and MicroCotton®. Home Treasures prides itself in using long-staple Egyptian cotton, as the fineness and strength of the fibers makes for smooth and durable fabrics. You can experience our Egyptian cotton sheets be viewing our Sateen (Royal Sateen, Princess, Villa and Plush 1000) and Percale (Perla, N°45 Classico) collections.

FLAX: Flax is a naturally occurring, sustainable fiber used to make linen fabric. The popularity of linen in bedding has grown significantly in recent years to the strength and durability of the fabric, as well as its ability to keep you cool at night. Unlike cotton sheets, linen does not have a smooth surface, but rather a subtle texture, making it most commonly used for top of bed articles, such as Duvets and Shams. However, with washing, the fabric grows softer and more relaxed. Home Treasures has a variety of linen sheeting options, which include Boheme, Chester, Mallorca, Provenza and Zebra.

BEECHWOOD: Derived from the beech tree, beechwood fiber is the foundation for modal fabric. Modal has become more commonly recognized as it is increasingly used in sleepwear and bedding due to its soft feel and moisture-wicking properties. What makes this fabric so attractive is that it has the feel and sheen of silk, with the ease of care and breathability of cotton. Home Treasures' micro-modal fabric is Athens, which is available in four neutral colors and three classic patterns, as sheeting and quilting.

SILK: Made from fiber produced by silkworms for cocoons, silk is considered one of the most elegant and opulent fabric due to its lustrous texture. Despite needing delicate care, silk fibers are robust and durable. The fabric also results in some attractive properties, such as moisture retention for your skin and resistance to dust mites, allergens and bacteria. Home Treasures' silk is as sumptuous as they come; depending on how you want to incorporate it in your bedding routine, our silk is available as sheeting, quilting and decorative throws.

POLYCOTTON: As the name suggest, polycotton is a fabric that is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. It is used by those wanting an easy-care, more affordable option. The polyester in the fabric results in less wrinkling during laundering, and greater resistance to repeated washing. Therefore, it's a great option for those with practicality in mind! Home Treasures does offer a polycotton, which is made in Italy to offer a supremely soft hand feel.

When searching luxury bedding companies online for the right fabric for you, consider what each fabric provides and choose the one suited to fit your needs.