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5 Types of Fibers Used to Create Bedding

Shopping for bedding can be more complicated than searching the best luxury bedding companies and picking the most aesthetically-pleasing option. Unless you know the terminology, you can drown in a sea of cotton, linen, silk, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo, not to mention mystery blends. This article will explain to you the 5 most common types of fibers used in bedding. COTTON: One of the most popular fibers used to make bed sheets, cotton, is smooth, long-lasting, and easily maintained. You can come across many types of cotton; the most common variants are Egyptian, Pima, upland, Supima®, and MicroCotton®. Home Treasures prides itself in using long-staple Egyptian cotton, as the fineness and strength of the fibers makes for smooth and durable fabrics. You can experience our...

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What Fabrics Are Good for Each Season and Why?

Changing weather means that a change in your bedsheets may be in order. How can you tell what fabrics do well with which seasons? Before you start perusing your favorite luxury sheets collection, check out these tips for the right sheet fabrics for every season. SUMMER SENSIBILITY: The warmth, even heaviness, of summer can mean that you want a much lighter and more breathable bedsheet for the season. That’s why linen is the ideal choice, even above cotton. Although a little rougher, linen is more breathable and can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep overall. Percale is also an ideal material for summer, whether it’s in conjunction with linen or used in the place of it. SPRING AND FALL FAVORITES: These transition...

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Dress Your Bed for Each Season - The Importance of Layers

The seasons change, and as the temperature cools, that means that it is time to transition to a cool weather bedding. For practical and aesthetic reasons, you need to make sure you’re transitioning your coverings right. Check out these tips and suggestions before you peruse your favorite luxury bedding companies for styles. YOU CAN TRANSITION SLOWLY: The weather may be dropping, but perhaps there are still plenty of signs of summer lingering where you live. You can transition your bedding slowly, and start by simply adding more layers. What kind of layers? Start with a quilt and pair it with a duvet. It’s easy to partner and pair these items for a complimentary look. LOOK AS WELL AS FEEL: The mood of...

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The Truth about Thread Count

By definition, thread count is simple: it’s the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric — the sum of the vertical (the “warp”) and the horizontal (the “weft”).

It seems logical for us to believe that when shopping for bedding, the higher the thread count, the nicer the sheets. After all, we’re accustomed to equate large numbers with luxury…think, carats for jewelry, horsepower for cars, etc. However, to be honest, thread count as a measure of quality seems to have started as a genius marketing idea by giving the consumer population an easy, tangible way to differentiate quality.

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