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Fall Into Autumn

Cuddle weather is coming and it’s time to prepare your bedroom for the cooler temperatures and change of season.  Autumn is a tactile wonderland with crunchy leaves and crisp air, so your space should reflect the same. We have three ways you can update your most cherished spaces to reflect the season.  By introducing rich textures, deeper hues, some decorative elements and additional layers of warmth, you’ll be ready to take on the transition of seasons comfortably. Tackle textures without fear; simply go with what feels right to you!  Add comfort in the form of boucle, wools and cashmere to give your bed a refreshed fall look.  Our exclusive Dreamwool collection marries comfort, texture and style with ease.  The newest...

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5 Types of Fibers Used to Create Bedding

Shopping for bedding can be more complicated than searching the best luxury bedding companies and picking the most aesthetically-pleasing option. Unless you know the terminology, you can drown in a sea of cotton, linen, silk, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo, not to mention mystery blends. This article will explain to you the 5 most common types of fibers used in bedding. COTTON: One of the most popular fibers used to make bed sheets, cotton, is smooth, long-lasting, and easily maintained. You can come across many types of cotton; the most common variants are Egyptian, Pima, upland, Supima®, and MicroCotton®. Home Treasures prides itself in using long-staple Egyptian cotton, as the fineness and strength of the fibers makes for smooth and durable fabrics. You can experience our...

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Choosing the Right Luxury Bedding Sets Online

It’s said that the average person will spend one-third of their life sleeping. Why not spend that time in a comfortable setting? The quality of mattress, pillow, and bedding that you use can quickly turn your night of sound slumber into a tossing and turning terror. With Italian designer bedding, you’ll sleep sweetly through the night and wake refreshed to start a new day. To help you find the right luxury bedding set to lull you softly to sleep, here are a few things to remember. MATERIAL MATTERS: During your bedding search, you’ll come across words like “synthetic” and “Egyptian.” While you may not think that material of your bedding matters, it does. The right material will keep you cool in...

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The Guide to Layering your Bedding

Don't overlook the importance of your bed, even if you and your partner are the only ones who get to see and use it. Your bed after all is the only piece of furniture in your home that has a whole room dedicated to it! No matter how large or elaborate your bedroom may be, the bed itself still holds a prominent and noticeable position in the room. Furthermore, for many of us, the bed is the single piece of furniture we utilize most on a daily basis – sometimes, we are even lucky enough to spend more time in our bed than we do seated in our chair at work. Therefore, we should make sure that our bed is not...

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How to Choose Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Coverlets

Cotton in general is the most popular sheeting material in the world for many reasons. It has a soft hand that feels even better over time. It’s durable, and can withstand repeated laundering, keeping it looking crisp and fresh. And, it has the natural ability to adjust to body temperature, so the sleeper doesn’t get too warm or cool. Why Is Egyptian Cotton the Best Material for Sheets and Duvets? To understand what makes Egyptian Cotton so special, let’s decode some of the terminology you’ll find during your search for the perfect luxury sheet collection. STAPLE: Refers to the length of an individual strand of cotton fiber in its natural state. Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton is a minimum of 1-3/8” long,...

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