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Fall Into Autumn

Cuddle weather is coming and it’s time to prepare your bedroom for the cooler temperatures and change of season.  Autumn is a tactile wonderland with crunchy leaves and crisp air, so your space should reflect the same. We have three ways you can update your most cherished spaces to reflect the season.  By introducing rich textures, deeper hues, some decorative elements and additional layers of warmth, you’ll be ready to take on the transition of seasons comfortably. Tackle textures without fear; simply go with what feels right to you!  Add comfort in the form of boucle, wools and cashmere to give your bed a refreshed fall look.  Our exclusive Dreamwool collection marries comfort, texture and style with ease.  The newest...

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Zeroing in on Zero Twist

Towels are one of the first things we grab for in the morning and one of the last things we touch at night, yet when it comes to replenishing our towels, whether it be face, hand, or bath, we rarely give the purchase much consideration.

When it came to introducing towels into the Home Treasures line, softness, absorbency and durability were at the forefront of our search. It was with these factors in mind that we introduced our Izmir Collection, a 550 gsm, zero twist, Turkish cotton, terry towel. Yes, we realize that’s a lot of technical terminology, so please allow us to explain each factor independently! Understanding the language of towels will help ensure that you get the look, feel and performance that you want.

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The HT Journey

Each year, the creation of our new products starts with a trip to Italy, where Saeed and Ellie, our founders, are warmly greeted by the owners of the most well respected European mills. As a family owned business, relationships are the core of what we do. As such, we have been working with the same family owned mills since our founding in 1988. Not only does this offer us preferred access to the highest quality materials, it also allows us to maintain consistency in our products.

We pride ourselves in using the finest resources and processes to create our collection. We look forward to taking you through the journey of our bespoke pieces from start to finish.

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